Cutting Edge Accessories for Side x Sides and Snowmobiles

We create ride-altering products for those looking to scale mountains, slay drifts, climb dunes, or conquer mud pits. Whether your ride has four wheels or skis and a track, you can find products that will fully unlock your ride at Razorback Technology. Are you ready to go faster and ride farther? Find out how our innovations can help you prepare your side x side or sled for the adventures ahead!

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Diff Lock Override Modules

Designed for the Kawasaki Teryx®, this module allows riders to bypass the mph restrictions of diff lock and enjoy full throttle and power. Get all four wheels moving with this innovative, new product. 

Infrared Belt Temp Gauges

Our gauges are the industry's first to measure actual belt surface temperature through infrared technology. This real-time belt temp monitoring helps riders extend belt life and dial in clutching.

Low Range Unlockers

This Plug-n-Play modification is the perfect way to increase the 0-40 mph acceleration of your Can-Am Maverick or Commander by removing any throttle restrictions that occur in low gear.

“The Razorback Technology Belt Temp Gauge is a great addition to my UTV, it gives you peace of mind knowing your belt temp when out riding. I have been recommending this to all my buddies, great product, and easy installation.”