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Spend More Time Riding, And Less Time Changing Belts

At Razorback Technology, our gauges are the real deal. Using infrared sensors, they're able to track and display REAL belt temperature instead of clutch air temperature. This means when you ride with Razorback Technology, you'll know how hot your belt is and be able to enjoy longer belt life while protecting your ride. No more guessing, and no more waiting until you smell your belt to back off, because at that point - the damage is already done. 

Check out all the features of our latest gauge: the UTV Edition 2.0 Belt Temp Gauge

Our gauges are built by riders for riders, and have been engineered to withstand the extreme temperatures and heavy loads of riding in snow or sand. Each gauge is assembled by hand, thoroughly tested for accuracy and reliability, and backed by warranty. 

Here's a short clip that one of our customers posted to YouTube that shows our UTV First Gen Gauge in action. Please note that any gauge flicker is from the frame rate of the camera used. Our gauges do not appear to flicker in real life.

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Pro Sensor Now Available!

Our new Pro Sensor uses an extremely narrow field of view to give riders the most accurate and responsive readings possible. Compatible with all gauges!

Belt Temp Gauge - UTV Edition 2.0
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“I’ve been using this gauge for a while now and it’s a big comfort knowing exactly what your belt temp is, if you see it getting hot just back off for a minute and you can watch the temp go down until it’s safe to get on it again.”
— Brian, California
“Very precise gauge and the installation was very straight forward.”
— Mike, West Virginia